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Team Building increases motivation and alignment

Release the potential of your team with high energy fun experiences and offsite incentives. Unique, interactive and participative, your team event will be designed to meet your objectives.  Back in 1987, we ran our first ever team corporate programme (for New Zealand Post) and from this starting point have developed a depth of knowledge and skill in working wtih people to release their potential.  


Fast, fun and entertaining. Test your teamwork and identify hidden talents. 

Catalyst is a fast and effective team building event that can last from 2 to 4 hours. Either as a fast break during your conference or business meeting or as an integral component of your team development programme. 

Catalyst can be held either at your venue or we can recommend one that suits your needs.


A personal challenge requiring your team to support, encourage and celebrate success with each other. 

Fire walking takes courage to overcome perceived barriers and the personal rewards are high when it is achieved.

Fire walking is a positive and unique activity that can be included in your team building or conference programme


How we can breakthrough the limitation of our beliefs? 

Breakthrough is an ideal adjunct to your leadership or team development programme. Participants are challenged to look beyond self limiting barriers that they place upon their thinking and actions. 

Breakthrough tangibly demonstrates the effect of self limiting beliefs on potential and how by looking past the barriers we can achieve what seems impossible.

Team Incentives

Fun team incentives for sales teams, managers and staff.  Reward employee commitment and performance through a range of incentives that not only provide reward but set future directions and motivation.